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Torque Testing Machine


Packaging bottles or PET bottles are widely used in different production verticals to fulfill the purpose of packaging beverages, medicines, syrups and other liquid products. As these bottles are used on a large scale, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to test the quality of these bottles before offering the product to the clients and customers for packaging purposes. The major flaw that usually found in the bottles that affect the quality of the PET bottles is leakage due to inadequate quality of bottle torque. The torque of the bottles explains the sealing quality of the bottle caps. If the torque opening and closing quality of the bottle caps is not up to the mark, it will result in spillage or liquid which can also cause fatal accidents if any chemical or acid is filled in the bottle. This can be tested using high quality of Torque Testing Machine.

Presto Stantest manufactures high quality of Torque testing machine that can analyze the efficiency of the bottle caps by testing the threading of bottle caps to ensure the better safety of the products that are packed inside.

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