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PET bottles are used in all production verticals to fulfill the purpose of packaging. It offers the best mode of packaging to all liquids products such as beverages in food processing industries, syrups in pharmaceutical industries, and many more. If the quality of these bottles is not good, the products will get spill off from the bottles. Therefore, it is necessary for the manufacturers to test the quality of the PET bottles. The major defect which is found in Pet bottles is an unequal distribution of the material in various sections of the bottles. This can be done by cutting the bottles using high quality of cutter and measuring the weight of each part.  This can be tested by measuring the weight of each part of the bottles using Section Weight Cutter.

Presto Stantest offers highly efficient Section Weight Cutter to cut the Pet bottles in three sections smoothly and quickly to measure the weight of each part of the bottle to analyze whether equal weight is distributed in each section or not. The instrument offers highly accurate test results.


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