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Rub Scuff Resistance Tester

PSR - 292

The packaging of the products is important as it contains informative content such as ingredients used in manufacturing the product, manufacturing date, product expiry date and brand of the product. If the label of the packaging product continuously gets rubbed against the surface of other material, it damages the surface of packaging and also affects the appearance of the product. The manufacturers have to test the quality of packaging that they use for the products so that they can survive easily even in harsh working conditions. To verify the quality of printing on packaging materials, manufacturers make use of Rub Scuff Resistance Tester. It is a highly efficient testing instrument which is used to test the quality of printing on packaging label and ensures the quality of the product.

Presto Stantest is one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high-quality of Rub Scuff Resistance Tester. The testing instrument helps to evaluate the quality of the printing which is done on the packages to ensure the better performance of the printed packages even in harsh working conditions when the product is subjected to continuous rubbing or scuffing.

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