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Preform Perpendicularity Testing Instrument

PPT - 0108

Preforms go through the process of blow molding to produce high-quality PET bottles. After the preforms are blown and converted into PET bottles, the very first thing which is examined to determine its quality is the shape, size, and perpendicularity of the bottle. If the shape is irregular or if the bottle is not perpendicular, it means will not fulfill the purpose of packaging and hence will be rejected. To produce, high-quality bottles, manufacturers ensure the shape, size and perpendicularity of the Preforms using Preform Perpendicularity Testing Instrument. It is a high-quality device which is used to measure the shape, dimension, and perpendicularity with 100% accuracy and precision.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing machines, offers premium quality of Preform Perpendicularity Testing Instrument. The instrument offers highly accurate test results.

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