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Plastic Bottle Burst Tester


Plastic bottles are used for the purpose of packaging of a wide variety of solid and liquid products such as food items, chemicals, medicines and drugs, beverages and many more. When these products are filled with Plastic bottles, a huge amount of pressure is exerted from inside due to pressurized filling which leads the bottles to burst it they are not strong. Therefore, the manufacturers need to test the burst resistance strength of bottles that they offer to the customers to ensure the quality of the products. Presto Stantest manufactures and supplies premium quality of Plastic Bottle Burst Tester to the manufacturers in PET bottle manufacturing industries to measure the burst value of the bottles easily. This value helps to compute the strength of the bottles easily.


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Plastic bottle burst tester is one of the highly effective testing machines which is used to ensure the strength of the bottles that protect the bottles from bursting at the time of filling.

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