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Photoelasticity Strain Viewers

PPS - 400

PET bottles are used in different manufacturing industries to solve the problem of packaging and to provide the best quality to the liquid products such as beverages, chemicals, medicines, syrups and many more. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of PET bottles. The quality of bottles depends on in the Preforms. Photoelasticity is the major issue which is found in preforms that degrade the quality of the bottles as well. Therefore before commencing the process of blow molding, it is a must to test the quality using the high-quality testing instrument. The problem of photoelasticity can be resolved by testing the preforms in Photoelasticity Strain Viewers.

Presto Stantest offers high quality of Photoelasticity Strain Viewers to ensure the quality of the preforms to produce high-quality PET bottles and to deliver best products to the customers

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