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PET Bottle Perpendicularity Testing Machine

PPTB- 0109

The most significant property of the PET bottles is the perpendicularity of the bottles. If the bottle is not perpendicular, it will frequently trip of fell down, again and again, that explains the inferior quality of the bottles. To test the shape, size and perpendicularity of PET bottles, it is necessary to make use of highly precise PET bottle Perpendicularity Testing Machine. It is the best way to calculate the quality and accuracy in dimensions of the bottles.

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Presto Stantest offers highly precise and accurate PET Bottle Perpendicularity Testing Machine to the manufacturers of PET Bottles all over the world. Using the testing machine, the manufacturers can measure the dimensions of the bottles from each and every angle to measure its quality and Perpendicularity. The instrument comprises of a Digital Measurement Gauge that helps to measure the dimensions with great accuracy and detect the flaws in the products so that the quality of the production can be improved to a great extent. It is a user-friendly and easy to operate table top model that can be used by the manufacturers easily.

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