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PET Bottle Perpendicularity Gauge

PPTB- 0109

Perpendicularity of the bottle is a major concern for the manufacturers in PET bottle manufacturing industries. It is essential for the PET bottles to be highly perpendicular and must be shaped so that will not fell down again and again.  Hence, the producers need to ensure the perpendicularity of the bottles before delivering it to the end customers. The PET bottle Perpendicularity Gauge is one of the best testing machines that is used by the manufacturers in PET industries to assure the perpendicularity of PET bottles.

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It is the best testing device for the highly accurate analysis of bottles and to deliver the best quality to the customers. Presto Stantest is the world’s famous PET bottle Perpendicularity Gauge manufacturer that provides best accuracy analysis of PET bottle to deliver the best quality to the customers.

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