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Packaging Labels Rub Tester

PSR - 292

Packaging labels provide complete information to the customers regarding the product. These labels play a vital role in promoting the brand of the product. As labeling plays a significant role in product branding, it is essential for the manufacturers to ensure the quality of the printing so that it will not fade at the time of storage and transportation due to excessive rubbing. This rubbing can fade the print of the labeling which is a big flaw in the quality of packaging. The Packaging Labels rub Tester is a useful testing instrument which helps the manufacturer in analyzing the resistance of the labels to rub in order to determine the quality of the packaging products.

Presto Stantest offers premium quality of Packaging Labels Rub Tester that helps the manufacturers to perform the rub resistance test on printed labels efficiently to ensure the quality of the packaging labels in harsh working conditions.

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