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Non Destructive Testing Machine

Magna-Mike 8600

Performing the non- destructive testing on the PET bottles is the best way to analyze the quality and accurate wall thickness of PET bottles. It is the major property that helps to evaluate the quality of the products. The manufacturers can guarantee the quality of PET bottles by analyzing the thickness of the products. The Magnamike 8600 is the best and high-quality testing instrument that offers the non-destructive means to test the thickness of the non-ferrous products. The device provides highly accurate test results with 100% precise test results. Presto Stantest offers Magnamike 8600 which is a reliable non-destructive testing machine which is widely used in PET industries to check the thickness of bottles and other non-ferrous products. The instrument gives highly accurate test results.

Presto Stantest being an authorized dealer of Olympus offers high-quality of Magnamike 8600, a non-destructive testing machine. The device helps to evaluate the wall thickness of the bottles accurately.

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