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Illuminator Polariscope

PPS - 400

In PET & Preform manufacturing industries, ensuring the quality of the products is the major perspective that helps to explain the quality and efficiency of packaging products and ensures the safety of the products that are packed in these bottles. To ensure the quality of the end products and packaging products, manufacturers need to conduct many tests on Preforms. The major quality test that explains the quality of the preforms is Photoelasticity test. This test helps to analyze the strain distribution on the surface of the sample. Uneven and unequal distribution depicts the inferior quality of the preforms and vice versa. This can be tested easily using Illuminator Polariscope. This testing instrument helps the users in detecting the Phenomenon of Photoelasticity in Preforms that helps to select the good quality of the preforms and rejects inferior quality preforms.

Presto Stantest manufactures premium quality of illuminator Polariscope to test the quality of Preforms to produce the best quality products.

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