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Falling Dart Impact Tester


Plastic films and laminates that are used in the process of packaging to pack different types of products such as chemicals, powders, food, etc.  require high strength and best quality. The major property of these films that affect the quality and safety of the products is Impact Resistance Strength. The manufacturers in plastic industries need to test the quality of the products to ensure the better impact resistance strength of the materials to transport the goods safely. The Falling Dart Impact Tester is the best testing machine that accurately analyze the impact resistance of plastic films and helps the manufacturers to ensure that the packaging materials is best in terms of strength and quality.



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Presto Stantest is one of the famous manufacturers that offer high-quality of Falling Dart Impact Testers that precisely analyze the impact resistance of plastic films that are capable of providing a precise analysis of impact resistance strength of plastic films that are used in packaging industries.

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