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Elastomers Tensile Testing Machine

TTM-S (as per capacity)

The rubber industries make use of different types of elastomers such as vulcanized rubbers, silicon rubbers, and many more. With the wide usage of elastomers, it is necessary for the manufacturers to test the quality and strength of the rubbers & elastomers so that best quality of end products can be delivered to the customers.  The quality of the elastomers can be determined by measuring different properties of rubbers. One of the major properties that explain the strength of rubbers is Tensile Strength. The best way to measure the tensile strength of rubbers is elastomers tensile testing machine. The device provides extreme force to the sample to conclude that at what level of stress the sample will break or rupture.


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Presto Stantest offers Elastomers Tensile Testing Machine to test the strength and quality of the rubbers to evaluate its durability and efficiency easily.

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