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Compressive Testing Machine

PDBC - 600

Measuring the compression strength of the corrugated boxes and boards is a major property that explains the strength and efficiency of boxes. Determining the compression strength is an important task that is performed in every corrugated box and paper boards manufacturing industries to ascertain the compression strength of the boxes. At the time of storage, warehousing or transportation, these boxes are stacked one above the other that compresses the boxes that are placed on the lowermost layer of the stack. This sometimes damages the quality of the products that are packed inside and also spoils the entire lot. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturers to test the compression strength of the boxes before packing the goods or stacking the packages during transportation.

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The compressive strength of the corrugated boxes and cartons can be determined efficiently with the help of Compressive Testing Machine. These instruments are best enough to compute that how much weight a carton can bear to its maximum. Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Compressive Testing Machine to test the quality of corrugated boxes and containers.

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