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Compressive Strength Of Paperboard Testing

PDBC - 600

In packaging Industries, measuring the compression strength of paperboards is a significant task that defines the efficiency and quality of the products. The manufacturers of packaging products require testing the compressive load of products such as papers, corrugated boxes, cartons, multi-layered fiber sheets, and much more that they use to manufacture the solid packaging containers. Using such kind of testing machines, the manufacturers can easily assure that they are using the best quality of materials that can offer best results in terms of efficiency, quality, and better strength. Compressive strength for paper testing can be performed easily using high-quality of compression testers. These testers provide complete information regarding the best analysis of strength and other properties of packaging containers.

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Presto Stantest offers a wide gamut of compression testers that can be used to evaluate the Compressive Strength of Paperboard Testing to examine the efficiency and quality of packaging containers to enhance the quality of production and to offers high-quality products to the customers.

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