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Compression Load Testing Machine

PDBC - 600

Compression Load is the property that damages the quality of materials. This problem of damage due to compression is usually found in packaging industries with the corrugated boxes. When the corrugated boxes are filled and stacked at the time of storage or transportation, sometimes they get compressed due to heavy top load. This shows the inferior quality and low strength of the corrugated containers and boxes. To eradicate this defect of compression in corrugated boxes, manufacturers need to test the compression strength of the boxes to produce high-quality of corrugated boxes and products and to deliver high-quality of products to the customers safely. This can be done efficiently with the Compression Load Testing Machine.

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Presto offers high-quality of Compression Load Testing Instruments to ascertain the maximum load that a corrugated box can bear to its maximum.  The instrument is easy to operate and best enough to compute the quality and strength of the packaging containers.

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