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Cardboard Box Testing Instruments

PDBC - 600

Cardboard Box Testing Instruments are the best means to test the compression strength and quality of the corrugated boxes. These testing machines are widely used in paper and packaging industries to enhance the quality of production and to provide high-quality of material to the respective clients. The testing instrument is used in almost all the industries cardboard boxes are used for the purpose of bulk packaging. The testing instrument is best enough to provide a continuous compression force to conclude the maximum strength that a box can bear to its maximum before it gets compressed during stacking or storage.

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Presto Stantest offers a wide array of highly effective Cardboard Box Testing Instruments such as compression tester to measure the compressive properties of cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, paperboard boxes, fiberboard boxes and many more. The instrument is best to judge the quality of boxes to produce high-quality goods.

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