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Cable Tensile Testing Machine

TTM-S (as per capacity)

The major property of the cables that explains its quality is Tensile Strength. Cables are the crucial products that require high-level of safety and strength. To ensure the strength of the cables, it is necessary for the manufacturers to test different properties of wires. One such feature that helps to enhance the strength and quality is a tensile strength. Testing of the tensile strength of wires contributes to manufacturers to ensure the quality of the cables and provide high-quality of products to the clients and customers. This testing measure also helps the manufacturers to ensure the safety at workplaces and in homes as well. Measuring the tensile strength is one of the major points that helps to enhance the production of cables. This can be done efficiently using Cable Tensile Testing Machine.


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Presto Stantest, a renowned name in the world of testing instruments, offers a wide gamut of cable tensile testing machine with different features and customized specifications to fulfill the requirements of different customers.

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