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With customers are relying more on products which are tested according to relevant standards. Producers are now keen to incorporate testing process in the production cycle. Thus, testing machines are becoming an important part of every industry. If you want to inquire about testing instruments in Gurgaon, contact us. We undertake customization requests. Our design engineers modify the specifications of machines according to industrial demands, provided, they are not violating the standardised testing guidelines. Our expert team will help you in choosing the right machines with right specifications for your industry. Just call us or drop a service request form, we will get back to you shortly.

The quality of the product is the major factor behind the success and failure of a brand. No matter how much promotion you’ve done, if your product does not meet the quality standard it would fail to make a mark in the market. Establishing a testing lab has become major investment and fair asset if you want to make your project a success. To fulfil the demands of testing instruments in Gurgaon we have established a full-fledged zonal team that looks after all the customers in the region. We make sure we swing into action very rapidly to make your manufacturing line work non-stop. 

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Testing Coefficient of Friction of Plastic Sheet against Glass Surface

Plastic film are regularly put on glass material for bundling reason. In any case, low grating plastic will never be put on glass material rather will descend and fall. Accordingly testing the plastic film quality before large scale manufacturing is crucial. The test hardware like Coefficient of grinding Tester is utilized to perform erosion test.

The testing instrument is viewed as perfect for performing COF (Coefficient of rubbing) testing of plastic on Glass. It decides the static and dynamic grating of material. Reasonable for plastic film or different sorts of sheets when they are sliding on a comparable material surface or on other surface. The instrument configuration follows different global test guidelines including ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894.

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