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Impact Resistance Tester for Paint – Indirect


Impact resistance testing is done to check the resistance of paint against the routine exploitation. This machine helps in assessing the shelf life of the surface coating when put into actual working conditions.  Presto’s Impact Resistance Tester is used for indirect testing on different surfaces like metal, fibre, wood, plastic, resin, construction material etc. The machine comes with different types of dead weights which are used for increasing and decreasing the intensity of the impact. A missile like dart is made to fall freely on the surface of the sample. The sample will react to the impact with which dart is falling on to it. According to the internal test standards, the coating and coating surface can be reconsidered.

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    • The machine adheres to various standards, namely ASTM D 2794, D4226, and D3029.
    • It is good for testing paint/ varnish, tough plate, laminating coating or plastic coatings.
    • It has 1 and 2 Kg impacter with a nose Ø 1.59 CM.
    • Die Ø 1.63 CM
    • It has a unique locking arrangement.

    • Powder coat and chrome plating provides an elegant look to the machine.
    • Supplied with user manual and conformance certificate.

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