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Hot Water Bath Digital

PWBD 0136

Hot Water Bath Digital is an efficient testing instrument which is used to evaluate the behavioural changes or any sort of damages in the product, component or raw material. It quantifies the actual working performance of the testing specimen when kept in rising temperature. It is also used for incubation purpose in laboratories. Heat sensitive samples are often tested in Hot water bath chamber. This instrument is utilized majorly in textile and microbiology industries. It can also be utilized to apply heat to particular chemicals which may catch fire if come in contact with direct dry heat.

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    • Inner Size – L 1200 x W 600 x H 600 mm
    • Display – LED (Digital) 7 segment
    • Accuracy – ± 2°C
    • Least Count/Resolution – 1°C
    • Power – 3 phase with Neutral, 50 Hz, 20 A Power socket
    • Water circulation motor type – Stirrer Motor
    • Water drain – 1/4 ball valve
    • Temperature Range – Up to 90°C

    • Temperature is controlled using PT-100 sensor for accurate testing
    • The chamber maintains a uniform temperature to assure precise testing conditions.
    • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller is equipped in the machine.
    • Provision of Set Value (SV) and Process Value (PV) can be seen on the temperature display.
    • Inbuilt Auto tuning function is available with the machine.
    • Bright LED display for clear observation of testing data.
    • The machine has rapid heaters for generating a homogeneous heating condition.
    • Equipped with Integral water drain system.
    • Speed regulator is installed for controlling stirrer speed as per requirement.

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