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Force Measurement Testing Systems 500


The Starrett FMS Series is a family of new and innovative force measurement systems. Available in four load capacities, these universal testing systems are ideal for general purpose force testing, demanding high-volume production testing, and exacting quality control testing. Starrett force measurement systems are your solution for tensile, compression, flexural, shear, coefficient of friction, and cyclic testing. User can easily and efficiently perform push/ pull testing, break testing, constant hold testing or tests that must meet international testing standards from ASTM, ISO, BS, DIN and others. The FMS Series consist of a single-column electro-mechanical testing frame, combined with our L2 Series digital controller and a Starrett load cell sensor.

Starrett FMS Series can be used to test medical devices for their form, fit, and function. Because of their ease of use and ability to create sophisticated test methods using our L2 Series software, FMS Series systems are ideal for medical device manufacturers. The ability to measure, analyze and collect data for exporting to quality control applications or to a network, make the FMS Series a cost-effective solution for medical device manufacturers around the world.

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    • Load Capacity – 500N/ 50kgf/112lbf.
    • Maximum test speed – 50inch/min or 1270mm/min
    • Minimum test speed – 0.001 inch/min or 0.02mm/min.
    • Maximum load – 500N/50kgf.
    • Crosshead travel length – 15 inches/381mm.
    • Crosshead vertical space – 22 inches/559mm.
    • Crosshead throat distance – 4 inches/100mm.
    • Height of the test frame – 32 inches/813mm.
    • Width of the test frame – 15 inches/381mm.
    • Test frame Depth – 20.25 inches/514mm.
    • Test frame Weight – 135 lbs/61kg

    • Universal Testing

    – Tension, Compression, Cyclic, Flexural, Shear, Creep, Peel

    – Four Load Capacities: 500N, 1kN, 2.5kN and 5kN

    – 0.001 to 50.0 in/min (0.02 to 1270mm/min) Test Speed

    • Outstanding Measurement Accuracies

    – Better than 0.1% Load Measurement Accuracy

    – Smart Load Cell Sensors per IEEE 1451-4

    – Better than 0.2% Speed Rate Accuracy

    – Meets or Exceeds ASTM E4

    • Innovative User Interface

    – Multi-touch Color Tablet PC Operation

    – Test Templates for Simple Testing

    – Advanced Test Builder for Complex Testing

    • Test to Internationally Recognized Test Methods

    – ASTM Test Methods

    – BS Test Methods

    – DIN Test Methods

    – ISO Test Methods

    • Lean Manufacturing & System Integration

    – Compact Footprint

    – Interface with I/O Devices

    – CE Compliant

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