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Salt Spray Chamber – Feature Loaded Powerful Machine

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Do the real world correlation work as time allows. Look continuously to improve your product with an effective “comparative” coating system evaluator. Don’t make the salt spray goal be some unachievable number, just because it is an industry standard test. Dig deep and analyse with real time data.

Why do you need ‘This’ machine?

Salt Spray Chamber is a good way to compare changes in an existing coating system by varying the parameters, changing pre-treatments, sealers, process sequence, coatings, coating thickness, etc. This will give you actual data that will tell you how long your parts are lasting out in their real environments.

How Many Hours in Chamber Are Equivalent To How Many Years in Reality?

This is a very common question among manufacturers, how to relate salt spray life with real world? To get all answers of your questions, WATCH THE FREE VIDEO




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Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray test is the most reliable procedure to determine the corrosion resistance of coated and pre-coated surfaces. In this machine, a controlled environment is simulated. The salt-laden fog has 5% NaCl solution which is much higher than the salt in seawater and temperature of the chamber is maintained at 37°C. However, the selection of temperature range is from ambient to 45°C. The test run can be as minimum as 24 hours to as long as 720 hours, depending upon the relative testing standard. It is very important to maintain the pH level of the NaCl solution at a value of 6.5 to 7.

The machine is equipped with a tower style atomiser with baffle top. This atomiser is tested successfully in the laboratories for the uniform fog distribution in every corner of the chamber from bottom to top. To make the testing procedure more accurate, the chamber is designed with double walls with glasswool insulation. This assures the retention of heat and chamber as long as the chamber is closed. The walls are equipped with silicone bags for uniform heating and giving extra protection to the heater. The chamber is incorporated with the advanced technology of air flow meter to regulate the air flow from 0 to 30 psi. The machine comes with an inbuilt memory and external memory card slots for recording data. Also, computer connectivity is enabled for easy data logging.

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