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Bursting Strength Tester – For Paper and corrugated Boxes

Compact Bench Top Model

The machine has a compact design for easy benchtop placement. Comes with easy handling, the machine does not require any special care or ideal laboratory conditions to work perfectly. The temperature at which viscosity of the glycerine does not change is ideal for best operation.

Bright Digital Display with 2 Decimal Value

The machine is equipped with 4-digit LED display with pressure display up to 2 decimal value. This budget-friendly model is perfect for small, medium and large-scale industries that are obsessed with accuracy.

What’s this fuss about Bursting Factor?

Bursting factor is a constant value derived from the bursting strength. It is an important factor to determine the durability of paper or corrugated fibre board.To know more about calculation of Bursting Factor, WATCH THE FREE VIDEO

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Bursting Strength Tester


Bursting strength is an important factor to define the quality of the materials like paper, corrugated fibre board, foil, textile, leather, rexine and many other products. The machine has an annular clamp to hold the sample. The sample is clamped neither too tight, otherwise, the test results would be inaccurate. Also, the sample should not be too loose to avoid the slippage of the sample during testing. The hydraulic pressure is applied to the sample via rubber diaphragm. The medium of hydraulic pressure is lab grade glycerine. In this machine, diaphragm and glycerine are considered as consumables, as operator need to change these two after they exhaust.

Bursting strength tester comes with a bright digital display for easy readability. The machine can apply the pressure up to 40 kg/cm2. This machine also performs the creep test successfully. It comes with a simple push to burst operation. Comes with simplified operation, the machine does not require a skilled operator to perform the test.

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