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Message From Board of Directors

Mr. Anil Malhotra
Chairman, Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.


As a Chairman of Presto, I attribute Presto’s path breaking success to the organization’s focused approach towards adopting latest technology, delivering high quality and achieving customer satisfaction. Our Phenomenal expansion is the reward for our endless journey towards perfection. Our products are outstanding in terms of accuracy and reliability. Hence, excellence is a constituent which is entrenched in every presto product.

Our promise towards our customers has always been at the front of our philosophy and  I am glad that we have successfully honored our commitment. I recognize our team of design engineers and research scientists, who have worked hard to develop well-engineered products. Our team constantly upgrades all our products, so as to incorporate latest technology and new features, and provide them at affordable prices. Hence, we have a complete product range, which successfully meets different requirements and needs of our quality conscious patrons.

We could have never achieved our dream of being a leading brand worldwide without the support of our highly skilled professionals. Their technological talent and accountability towards customer satisfaction are the key contributors in establishing Presto Stantest as a leader in its sphere of operation. We are extremely proud that the precision and quality of our product have surpassed customer expectations.

Today, our products are popular in more than 60 countries all over the world. Now, we are working hard towards enhancing our distribution network. Presto Testing Instruments aims to be a recognized as an organization which offers the best quality testing machines in the world.


Mr. Vishal Malhotra
Managing Director, Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.


Since I joined Presto, I have become a part of the organization’s culture of continuous improvement in terms of product quality, technology, innovation and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated in providing cost effective instruments that fulfill quality assurance needs of the global Plastic & Packaging industry, Polymer testing and Textile & Yarn industry.

Manufacturing user friendly products that meet all customer requirements has always been on the top priority of our design technology. Each Presto product is a reflection of our belief – that unmatched quality and latest technology, when combined together, guarantee sustainable results. Our Founder, Late Sh. J.N. Malhotra’s passion towards pure excellence has motivated us to make outstanding progress in this arena.

As Presto Stantest continued to develop its business across India, the organization began looking outside its traditional borders. Led by the vision of our chairperson, Sh. Anil Malhotra, Presto forged strong ties with companies in USA, Japan, Taiwan and Germany, where we have a considerable market presence.

With perfection ingrained in every element, each Presto product speaks for itself!


Mr. Gaurav Malhotra
CEO, Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.


I have been deeply involved in Presto’s relentless drive towards perfection. There has never been a better period than now, when our brand and product quality is well recognized in the Indian market and is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the global market as well.

The excellent quality of our instruments not only meets but exceeds the highest global standards. Our unwavering focus on quality has created an organization par excellence, a company driven by its zeal for superiority, reliability and accuracy. Presto, an organization with a keen focus on customer satisfaction ensures that it partners with its customers in their expedition towards quality.

I express my deep gratitude to our founder, Late Mr. J.N. Malhotra, and our chairman, Mr. Anil Malhotra, for their blessings and guidance which have made us capable of achieving stupendous success. I also acknowledge the entire team at Presto, who is supporting our customers in best possible way, 24 x 7.

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Haryana, India

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