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Importance of Edge Crush Test

The ECT or Edge Crush Test is a very important test to perform while manufacturing a corrugated box. The test is performed with the help of Edge Crust Testers. Procedures for making the test machine is described in various domestic and international standards to test the edgewise compression strength of corrugated boxes and boards. For reproducible and accurate results, these standards are followed in detail. A major point that needs to consider while performing the test is to cut the test sample with sharp and parallel cuts to match it exactly with the perpendicular faces. It is the most useful test use to determine the durability of corrugated boxes.

Benefits of Edge Crush test

  • To conclude the compliance of Box with Standards – The very first reason is quite obvious. If the corrugated box is being manufactured to adhere to a specific standard in which the detailed specification of ECT test is mentioned, the box manufacturer should perform the edge crush test to conclude its compliance with the rules and regulations as mentioned in the standard.
  • To Measure the Properties – Secondly, the edge crush test is the most important test performed to gauge the major property of corrugated boxes i.e. box compression strength of a cardboard.


  • For Performing Material Testing – The third reason behind performing the edge crush test is basically to do material testing, which is done to determine the quality of a raw material, including the corrugating medium and a linear board. Also, the good quality manufacturing is must for a manufacturer. Hence, if the grip of the machine is satisfactory, there will not be any wide dry finger lines of the material and the board will not be crushed more than twenty percent. Edge Crush is determined by the stiffness of the liners and medium.

Edge Crush Tester by Presto

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Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of testing machines offers a wide assortment of edge crush testers. These testing machines are introduced to perform three types of test with a single machine namely, edge crush test, ring crush test and flat crush test. The testing instruments are designed under the strict supervision by following the standards for best output. This also helps the customers to believe that the machines will offer highly accurate and reliable test results. To check the technical specifications of edge crush testers, click here.

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