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Verify Packaging Quality With Drop Tester

Imagine the product that has been manufactured with high-quality and meets the requirement and specifications as per standard, but when the product is received, it has been found that the products are irreparably damaged during transit. The shipment that was expected to be profitable is now unsellable. The supplier never takes steps to safeguard the products with suitable packaging. It is important to verify packaging quality to assure the safety of products.

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One of the best methods to assure the safety of products that meet quality standards and protection of contents inside is performing a drop test. Any importers who are concerned about packaging quality should conduct this test. Shipments wrapped in plastic and various other packaging materials must conduct this test using packaging standards. The test is conducted using a series of drops. A drop test simulates the shipping environment at the time when the goods are subjected to damage. The test results can be used to analyse how rough handling a packaging material can undergo any potential damage a product might face.

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Drop tester is used to check the impact strength of free falling darts on packing materials. It is used to analyse the strength of the materials against deformation. When a box falls from a certain height, it is difficult to predict whether it deforms or breaks. A drop test is conducted to see the behaviour. A drop testing machine has a movable platform that can take a sample weighing 60 kg of weight to a certain height. The platform contains two flaps that open up when operated from a wired remote. As the flap opens up, the sample falls freely on the ground.

Drop testing is performed to assist in design validation. It is used to assess the design by measuring and defining the impact tolerance of the products, reproduce the hardships that occur at the time of distribution, installation etc. Drop test can be conducted to identify failure levels and assess the capability of packaging to secure the contents inside.

Drop tester is used in various industries to check and substantiate the strength of corrugated boxes and plastic bottles. The adjustable height is 1.8 m with load capacity up to 50 kg. The minimum drop height is 750 mm and the maximum drop height is 1800mm. Two types of tests can be conducted with the device. They are straight drop and angular drop. It adheres to IS 7028 Pt IV standard.

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