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Types of Corrosion and its Prevention with Salt Spray Chamber

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Corrosion is a hazard leading to a great loss of property and capital that leads to serious implication on human lives. Reduced strength of metals, safety losses and loss of incurring cost for mending can be beyond the control sometimes. Usually, we see a lot of problems and accidents occurs due to the deterioration of a product on account of rust. Corrosion is a major problem that can’t be handled easily. There are many types of corrosions. Some of them are mentioned below.

Various Types of Corrosions:

  1. Bimental Corrosion
  2. Pitting Corrosion
  3. Stress Corrosion
  4. Stray Current Corrosion
  5. Acid Corrosion
  6. Fissure Corrosion
  7. Uniform Corrosion
  8. Selective Attack and many more.

Rust is a very common form corrosion that occurs on the steel surface. It comes into subsistence due to oxidation where the metal products or any ferrous alloy comes in contact with oxygen. This is accelerated due to the existence of moisture or water.

Due to the accidental and huge capital losses that occurs because of the corrosion it is pertinent to test the anti-rust properties of a metal being used in various production houses for various applications. There are many national and international standards available that fulfills various  parameters for corrosion testing.

To fulfil this problem, Presto offers a highly advanced Corrosion Testing Chamber, Korrox III. The testing instrument is designed with a new world of Human Machine Interface with the latest technology Touch Screen features. It is designed for laboratory and Industrial purpose to check the strength of any material to withstand corrosion due to various atmospheric conditions. For more information on Environment Test Chamber, Contact our expert.

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