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Testing Instruments used in Paper and Packaging Industry

Paper Testing Instruments are very important testing machines that are widely used across paper production units to make sure that the paper being produced meets the desired quality standards in terms of strength, tearing resistance, consistency, softness, thickness, water absorption, contaminant analysis, weight etc.

Various types of testing machines are available in market now-a-days; hence it is important to understand the basic functions of machines. Some of the common testing machines are mentioned below.

  1. Tearing Strength Tester The tearing strength tester is used to test the tearing resistance of a paper. It does not measure the tear strength of a paper but also determine the force applied on the specimen perpendicular to the plane of the paper essential to tear a sheet through a specified distance. Many manufacturers are supplying tearing resistance testers that provide high quality instruments that offer accurate results.
  2. Thickness Gauge InstrumentsThickness gauges are used in paper and packaging industry to measure the thickness of paper. These instruments consist of manual hydraulic type controlled dial. Lowering the speed of the measuring spindle is hydraulically controlled through the thickness measurement gauge. These thickness gauges are available in various sizes with different specifications and features.
  3. Bursting Strength TesterBursting strength of paper or corrugated boxes is a most common property of paper products. There are varieties of bursting strength testers available in the market which are used to measure the strength of solid fiber, strong paper, multi-layered paper, etc.



The paper is measured from all facets to make sure that the high quality of the product is provided to the users at reasonable prices. There are many paper testing manufacturers and suppliers that offer excellent quality testing instruments at reasonable prices. Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper testing instruments, that offer an extensive array of the same all over the world.

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