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Test Moisture Content in Pulses by Food Moisture Tester

Pulse producers can easily maintain the quality of their crop by testing it thoroughly during the different stages of refining and storage. Pulses are affected by various factors but are mostly degraded by the moisture content absorbed. Hence, a reliable and accurate food moisture tester must be equipped at the production plant for quality analysis.


The level of moisture content in the pulses is the most vital factor which influences the legume viability during storage. The rate of damage rises as the moisture level increases in the seed storage. As pulse crops have large seed size, it takes a lot of time for the moisture within the seed to uniformly spread throughout. It mostly occurs when the crops are harvested at high temperatures.

The key to avoiding moisture damages such as mold growth etc. is the use of proper aeration to dry the crop and efficient moisture testing should be conducted for several times after the crop is binned.

How does it work?

The moisture testing machine consists of two important parts; a weighing section and a halogen heater. The sample is placed in the machine and the balance captures the initial weight. The halogen heater is utilized to heat the sample. During the test, the weight is recorded. When the sample no longer loses weight the instrument shuts off the heat and takes the final weight to calculate moisture content.

It works on the principle of thermogravimetric analysis. It is a method of thermal analysis in which the mass of a sample is calculated over a time period as the temperature modifies. This recorded calculation provides information about physical phenomena, such as phase transitions, moisture absorption, and desorption.

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Presto Moisture Analyzer is a proficient testing instrument utilized for testing the moisture content. This tester provides a fully programmable digital model having user-friendly operating controls. Live data recorded and displayed on the digital LCD screen. It can record up to 50 test readings for future use.  It is built in RS 232 communication interface for the high technological experience. Delivers a faster heating rate using halogen dryer. The test data can be easily stored and retrieved. It is equipped with an inbuilt calibration facility for high-end accuracy.

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