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Hot Air Ovens- Best Way Of Sterilization In Laboratories

In laboratories, many times you need to sterilize or clean an instrument. Many laboratories use autoclaves for sterilization, which use very high pressure and saturated steam for the purpose of sterilization. Using autoclaves is somewhat risky in laboratories as with them, we deal with a very high amount of pressure.  Another means of sterilization that is used in many industries is Hot Air Oven.

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The hot air ovens used in laboratories utilize high-temperature dry heat for the purpose of sterilization. A hot air oven is a closed chamber equipped with double walls for better heat conservation. The walls are filled with glass wool for better insulation. Some hot air ovens are also provided with an air filled pockets, which enhances the insulation of the oven and provides better heat. The inner layer of the wall is also made from a bad conductor which helps in preventing any heat loss to the outer environment.

The operation of the hot air oven is done with the help of a thermostat which can regulate the temperature within a wide range of temperature varying from 500C to 3000C. A high-speed fan is also provided within the oven to ensure uniform distribution of heat.

A hot air oven is mainly used for sterilization purpose, but it also acts as a testing instrument for testing the effects of aging on physical and chemical properties of a product. The hot air ovens are smaller in size as compared to autoclaves and also provide higher temperature for better testing and sterilization.

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