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Enhance The Service Life Of Your Final Products With Salt Spray Testing

sst-korrox-IIIIn today’s world, it is a very big challenge for manufacturers to fulfil the continuous demand of the goods to the market but an even bigger challenge is to ensure the best quality of the products that are produced by the company. For best quality assurance, there are many tests that are to be performed in the laboratory to test the quality and strength of the materials as well as the products.

One such test is salt spray test which is performed to test the resistance of protective coatings and materials in highly corrosive environments. The apparatus that is used for the test is salt spray chamber which is a closed chamber in which a virtual highly corrosive environment is created using a NaCl solution.

When you are choosing a salt spray chamber for your company, keep in mind that the apparatus you chose must be of very high quality so that it could provide highly precise and accurate results. Presto Stantest is one of the finest manufacturers and suppliers of high quality testing equipments with a long list of domestic and international clientele. Presto offers a wide array of salt spray chambers which includes CASS cum Salt Spray Chambers, Salt Spray Chamber Eco Model and Salt Spray Chamber Korrox III. The presto salt spray chambers come fully packed with accessories like Air purging Regulator, Cyclic Times, Gauges and specimen racks. All the equipments are designed and manufactured in compliance with all the international standards such as ASTM B 117, ISO 9227, ISO 3768, IS 5528 & 6310, DIN 50021 and JIS Z2371.

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