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Determine The Resistance Of Rubbers To Flexing

Ross Flexing Tester is the best rubber testing machine which is used to test the resistance of synthetic and vulcanized elastomers to continuous flexing. It is an important testing device which helps to determine the quality of the rubber to withstand repeated flexing, bending that the rubber products experience at the time of walking, without developing cracks within the particular period of time. Presto Stantest, a well-known name in the world of testing machines, designs high-quality of Ross Flexing Tester, which I designed keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities.

How does Ross Flexing Tester help to Ascertain the Strength of Rubbers?

Rubber products usually subjected to the repeated bending which creates stress on the surface of the material that initiates cracks at a right angle as the material becomes weak due to repeated flexing and bending. The testing device is used to ascertain whether the material is appropriate according to the particular material or not.

Specifications and Features

The Ross Flexing Tester can test 6 test sample simultaneously, and the model with 12 sample holders is also provided by Presto on customer’s request. The testing instruments are constructed on a metallic base plate and finished with an elegant color combination of blue and gray color to offer a corrosion resistant finish to the device. The instrument works with the flexing speed of 100 ± 5rpm and at an angle of 90 degrees. The device can be operated on a power supply of 220V efficiently.

Presto’s Ross Flexing Tester is a well-engineered model which is designed to test the flexural strength of the rubbers. The instrument is supplied to the customers with a user manual and calibration certificate which is traceable to NABL approved laboratories. The instrument offers reliable test results.

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