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Charpy Impact Tester for Plastics

The Charpy / Izod Impact tester is a high strain rate test used to measure the amount of energy a material can soak when impacted by a large whim. It is a very simple test  in which a regular or irregular specimen is beaten by a pendulum arm to conclude the impact strength of the test sample. The impact energy absorbed by plastic sample in a Charpy test is assumed to be equal to the difference between the possible energy of the pendulum and the residual energy after making contact with plastic sample. Impact tester is an important design parameter that is widely considered in plastic industries because it measures how a plastic material will resist large impulses and sudden shocks.

The Charpy impact strength tester is used to measure the robustness of a material and the ductility of plastic products. Plastic will soak the impact of impulses differently then static load impacts. Usually high strength plastics are brittle in nature and have low impact strength. By testing plastics using the Charpy test method the impact resistance of the plastic can be determined. The testing method is also used to measure the sensitivity of regular plastic samples. The Impact resistance of irregular specimens measures how will a cracked plastic sample will endure an impact. Measuring sensitivity on the plastic with the Charpy test can be applied to plastic designs.

CHARPY Impact Tester


The  testing results are measured in energy loss per unit cross-sectional area. Here, the toughness of the plastic describes how much energy the plastic material will absorb while deformation occurs. This is determined by Charpy Impact Testing.

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