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An Inevitable Requirement for Paint Industry

The Indian paint industry is set to rise 20% till 2016 and maintain a steady growth as per Assocham. The industry experts dedicate this rise to increasing demand from consumers, rapid urban growth and speedy development of the rural sector. However, they have also highlighted the inputs involved in making the best quality paints. A lot goes into making paints such as tools, instruments and it cannot be done without testing them at the highest level. Testing is necessary because without it the customer will not put his faith into a particular product.

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One such instrument that is widely used not only in India but abroad as well is Cross Hatch tester. It is a unique tool used across the globe to measure the resistance to separation of coating from the sample.Paint industries worldwide use this safe and portable instrument in manufacturing premium quality paints.

Industry experts call it a “tool with multiple uses” because it is designed in such a way that it can easily check the adhesion strength of paints, glue, varnish and many more. The cross hatch tester provides expeditious determination of the quality of the bond. The product predominantly comes with 1,2 or 3 blades and complies with international standards such as ASTM D 3359, BS 3900: E6 and ISO 2409. It comes with a user friendly manual and instructions.

One of the prime benefits cross hatch tester offers is easy accessibility. Operating this instrument is quite simple. You just have to take a sample, place and hold it firmly. Make a scratch on the sample using cross hatch instrument in perpendicular direction. Within minutes you’ll be able to compare paint and powder coatings of specific thickness which can be used accordingly.

As mentioned above, paint industry is seeing a surge in profits. But with growth comes competition. To withstand serious competition, companies require unique instruments and machines to test their products, which when certified internationally are fit to be delivered to customers. Cross hatch tester is one such product which has earned international accreditation.

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