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Polariscope Strain Viewer in Bahrain

PPS - 400

The PET products are primarily used for packaging of the food items, chemicals, household items, and many more. The PET products are used mostly in the form of the jar, bottles, and containers. The high quality of the PET is dependent on the quality of the Preforms used for the PET products blowing. It is important to check the initial quality of preforms at the initial stage of the blowing process. Any quality defect in the preforms will affect the quality of the final products. The manufacturers need to test the quality of the preforms before they are blown into bottles or jars. The Polariscope Strain Viewer for Bahrain is an efficient instrument that can provide an accurate analysis of the quality of a preform that is used for blowing process.

There are two different light sources used in the polarized form to locate the quality defects in the preforms. The common defects include short shot, flash marks, air bubble, crystallization defects, photoelasticity. The instrument saves time and money by discarding the defective Preforms at an initial stage.

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The Polariscope Strain Viewer for Bahrain is used to inspect the quality of PET & Preforms and ensure the defect-free final product.  The instrument has white light and monochromatic light that are used for obtaining a perfectly polarized light to detect the defects without any hassle. A Preform Defect Chart is also provided on request which is required for comparing the defects in the specimen. The device has a conformance certificate and a user manual for the end users.

    • The instrument has a size of 445 X 280 mm with viewing field 260 X 260 mm.
    • The required power is 220 volts AC.
    • The net weight is 20 kilograms.
    • A preform defect chart is available on request.


    • Simple and easy to understand.
    • Two different light sources; monochromatic and white light, helps in the effective testing of the specimen.
    • Open viewing area from three sides allows easy viewing and placement of specimen.

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