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Wrap Reel Tester – Hand Operated

Wrap reel tester is very important instrument for textile industry. It is used to produce the lea of the yarn. The machine is operated manually for twisting the yarn of predetermined length. It is very important to evaluate the counts measured in Denier or Tex, which is a unit to measure the linear density.


1 Denier = 1/9 of a Tex.

The machine comes with a yarn package stand with bobbin stand to hold up to 5 reels. The instrument is designed ergonomically to for easy operation. It stands on a wooden base plate. The instrument is suitable for making metric leas or yardage.

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    • The circumference of the reel in swift is 1 ½ yards or 1 Meter (Please confirm at the time of ordering).
    • Five numbers of leas can be made at a time with the length of 20mm each.
    • The machine has a analogue counter
    • The machine is hand operated.

    • The laboratory instrument is equipped with bobbing holders and tensioning device.
    • It is duly supplied with :
    • One yarn packing stand equipped with five stations.
    • One yarn tensioning device
    • User manual and conformance certificate
    • Easy to operate.
    • It assures quality.

    Related Standards

    • ISO 2060
    • ASTM D 1907 & ASTM D2260
    • DIN 53830
    • IS-1671

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