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Wrap Reel Tester – Digital


Presto’s Digital Wrap Reel testing instrument is widely used for producing lea of the yarn of a preset length and turns for count or strength testing of lea. Automated wrap reel is a power-driven unit used for meandering predetermined length of yarn essential for evaluating the counts measured in Denier or Tex.

Tex is a measuring unit used to measure linear density. It is a weight per unit length that measures continuous filament of yarn and Tex.


1 Denier = 1/9 of a Tex.

The laboratory equipment supplied complete with a yarn package stand and posturing device duly fitted with a Digital Press Counter for auto stop function after set cycles.

The wrap reel instrument is built up over a wooden base plate. One of the arms of the wheel kept locked in order to remove the leas from the wheel. The machine is specially designed with a digital control panel along with the revolution setting option. The yarn device moves once after every sixteen turns from a distance of 20mm to provide leas of 20mm width. The machine is designed with a bobbin stand in which five reels of 250mm length and 100mm diameter can be placed. The stand is incorporated with a yarn tensioning device to wrap the thread on the wheel. The standard reel is suitable for making metric leas or yardage. The apparatus is equipped with a spring loaded swift which crinkles for removal of thread from reel.

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    • Circumference of wheel swift is 1 ½ yards or 1 Meter
    • Five numbers of leas can be made at a time with the machine.
    • Each lea can be spread up to the length of 20mm.
    • The instrument is equipped with a three digit digital pre-set counter along with a sensor.
    • The machine operates with a speed of 100 + 5 rpm

    • The machine easily works on Single Phase AC motor for twisting the yarn in a preferred mode.
    • The instrument automatically stops after winding the desired length of yarn with a beep.
    • It’s a highly reliable and efficient in performance.

    Related Standards

    • ASTM D 1907 – Test method for linear thickness of fiber by skein process
    • IS-1671 – Standard for determining the strength of yarn.
    • ISO 2060 – To determine linear density of all types of yarn in package form.
    • DIN 53830 – Determining the density of textured or single yarn.

2 Reviews of Wrap Reel Tester – Digital

  1. Manjeet
    24 Dec, 2015

    With the wrap reel tester of Presto, now it is very easy for me to determine the exact length of lea.The instrument has an impressive desiegn and satisfactory perfromance.

  2. Kirti
    27 Feb, 2016

    I want to say three words for the wrap reel tester, good, excellent, amazing.

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