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Washometer I is widely used to conclude color stronghold of textile materials, irrespective of their composition and form to washing. Here, the composition of a material includes the type of fabric like cotton, silk, linen, man-made fibers, etc. and form of a material includes fiber, yarn or fabric, etc.

The bath of washometer is provided with an array to revolve 8 stainless steel jars, having the test sample and a test solution above the horizontal axis, at the particular speed. The washometer bath is heated with the help of 2 immersion heaters and the temperature is maintained by a vessel type Thermostat, which is attached with a digital temperature indicator and can also be placed with the preset counter as per the need.

After the automatic hesitation, transform in color of the sample and the standard color of the fabric is estimated by the standard grayscale.

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Washometer II for AATCC testing is used for measuring color fastness of textile materials to rinsing irrespective of their form like fiber, yarn or fabric, composite linen, wool, silk man fibers. This can be achieved by mechanically disturbing the textile sample by placing it in contact with pieces of adjacent fabrics in a soap soda solution, before being washed and dried. The change in color of the sample and staining of the fabrics is measured with the help of grey scale.

In Washometer III for ISO & AATCC testing, the test sample is stitched with one or two pieces of test fabrics, put into washing liquid and then, rotated under a certain time. Then, the combination of sample and test fabrics is washed with distilled water and dried. Finally, the color change of the sample and the staining of the test fabrics is accessed using ISO and AATCC gray scale.

  • 1) Washometer I for ISO Testing
    • The machine is equipped with 8 Number of jars
    • The volume of each jar is 500 ml ± 50 ml.
    • Distance of base of each jar is 45 mm from the axis of Rotation.
    • Temperature of water bath can be set from ambient to 98° C.
    • The testing instrument is equipped with a motor of 1/4 HP, 230V.

    Related Standards:

    ISO: 105

    2) Washometer II for AATCC Testing 
    • The equipment is incorporated with 8 jars and the volume of each jar is 1200mm + 100ml.
    • The distance between the jars and the axis of rotation is 45mm.
    • The temperature of water bath can be set from ambient to 98 Degree C.
    • Motor of ¼ HP is duly fitted in the machine that needs a power supply of 230V.

    Related Standards:

    AATCC 2,3,28,61,86,132

    3) Washometer III for ISO & AATCC Testing
    • The testing instrument rotates at a speed of 40+/-2 rotations per minute.
    • Time and temperature can be set from 0-999 minutes and 0-980C respectively.

    Related Standard:

    B5 100 and Next 2, 3, S

    1) Washometer I for ISO Testing
    • The temperature of the machine can be set up to 80 0C.
    •  Facility of loading and unloading of the beakers is also available.
    • The laboratory equipment is equipped with keyboard control panel and two-line microprocessor display that offers quick programming operation.
    2) Washometer II for AATCC Testing 
    • The laboratory equipment is appreciated by our patrons due to its dimensional accuracy, rigid construction and long service life.
    • It’s a high demand owing to its excellent performance.
    • The machine has micro-processor based temperature control and timer.
    • Water can be heated in the instrument up to 99 Degree Celsius maximum.
    • It runs 20 – 40 RPM.
    • The instrument is equipped with 8 beakers of 1200 ml and can be customized as per custom design.
    3) Washometer III for ISO & AATCC Testing
    • The machine consumes 380V AC and 50 Hertz power.
    • The size of the laboratory equipment is 935mm x 690mm x 910mm.
    • The machine is available in net weight of 165kg.

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    24 Dec, 2015

    Buying this product was a right decision. Now I can test my products with great efficiency and it has enhanced the quality of my product to a great extent.

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