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Vacuum Leak Tester – Digital for Pet Bottles

The Vacuum leak tester for PET bottles is designed to check the leak integrity of pet bottles to splice or pin holes. To operate the machine and to test the PET bottle sample, submerge the sample in the water within the vacuum chamber and leave the vacuum chamber to form a differential pressure between the inside and outside of the specimen. The leakage property of the specimen could be obtained by examining the steady development of bubbles from the specimen and by inspecting that how the specimen inflates and restores to its original shape after the vacuum release.

Performing a leak test on PET bottles is very important as PET bottles are widely used for carrying liquids, carbonated drinks, chemicals and many other critical fluids. Apart from liquids, they are also used to carry powder and solids like capsules and tablets, e.g. candies. To keep the content free from environmental effects and spillage or leakage, it is important to test the leak proof properties of the PET bottle. Presto’s vacuum leak tester is widely used in many industries. Designed ergonomically and compact to make it fit in the laboratories. Leaky seals not only affect the freshness and hygiene of the content but also lead to the failure of packing.

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    • This test instrument strictly adheres to following standards – GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078.
    • Pressure: 0 – 600 mm Hg.
    • Least Count: 10mm Hg.
    • Controls: Digital for pressure monitoring and timer
    • Timer: Digital preset up to 999 seconds (Changeable to Hrs:min:sec)
    • Desiccator Size: Up to 300mm

    • Provides visual checks to check the reliability of foiled cups under vacuum.
    • The instrument provides testing support to ensure that the seal is intact.
    • Microprocessor-based for accuracy and repeatability
    • Meets USP 28 Packaging Practice specification
    • Automatic sample testing through easy vacuum mechanism
    • Pressure, Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting, and Preset Timer function incorporated for accuracy and repeatability
    • Changeable Timer Units in Hrs:min:sec
    • Inbuilt Calibration facility
    • Digital Pressure displays for easy pressure monitoring
    • Stainless steel body for corrosion resistant finish


    Standards :

    • ASTM D 4991-07(2015), ASTM F 2338-09(2013)

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