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Transparency Tester For Blown Bottles

Transparency tester is a very important testing instrument in industries dealing with plastic like bottle manufacturing units. Transparency of bottle becomes crucial. Depending upon the requirement of the industry and properties of the packed product, the transparency is pre-decided. To achieve the high level of consistency and uniformity, the transparency testers are used.

The transparency tester for Blown bottles is used for testing the transmittance of light through a completely blown bottle which this helps in assuring the best quality of the Bottles with the desired level of transparency. The optical series principle diagram of integration ball type light transmittance is used for the device. The operation of the instrument is done by installing the white standard plate to the instrument. After that, the current reading of the device’s meter (T1) is adjusted to 100 z. Once the reading is adjusted, the amount of incident light is controlled below the level at which the white standard plate is installed.  Now the evaluation of the current reading of the meter (T2) is performed. The light transmittance of through the test sample is calculated by the given formula.

T= T1/T2 x 100,

where T is the total transmittance of light through the test sample.

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    • Range – 0-100%
    • Least Count -0.1%
    • Accuracy – 98%.
    • The size of the specimen can be 50 mm x 50 mm and the thickness needs to be the original thickness of the sample.
    • The machine has a digital display.
    • Light Source: Halogen lamp
    • Detector: Light Sensor
    • Readout – 4 digits
    • Operation: Light source and Detector arrangement

    • The equipment is built on a rigid metal base plate and painted in Autumn Gray and Blue combination with zinc plating to provide it a rust resistant finish.
    • The instrument comes complete with calibration certificate and user manual.
    • Easy quality inspection with digital readout
    • Highly accurate light source and detector
    • Illumination provided by Halogen lamp onto the test object
    • Data output in digital form with range 0% to 100%
    • Halogen lamp as light source

3 Reviews of Transparency Tester For Blown Bottles

  1. Preet Singh
    16 Dec, 2015

    An effective testing machine to test the transparency of the PET bottles or container. The transparency tester makes your task easy to locate an appropriate quality material for the making the bottles or containers.

  2. Neelam Malik
    18 Dec, 2015

    Measuring the transparency is the major attribute that explains the quality of the PET Bottles or blown bottles. The crystal clear bottles attract the attention of the customers to buy the product. The instrument efficiently measures the transparency of the PET bottles and helps to manufacture crystal clear products. Thanks to Presto for offering high-quality machine.

  3. Tej Bahadur
    30 Dec, 2015

    The transparency tester by presto is the best equipment to ensure the high transparency of the PET bottles with great accuracy and precision.

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