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The assessment of the test involves a visual approval of the surface of the material or number of absorption positions on the surface. The repellency of a piece of clothing worn in foul weather conditions is quite important. Presto’s spray tester is used to determine the resistance of any fabric which might not have given a repellant finishing by wetting the surface with water. A good repellent finish or water resistance will enhance the comfort during use. However, the repellency decreases much more times  during washing.

Presto’s Spray tester is designed especially to measure the water repellant or water resistant efficiency of finishes applied to fabrics, particularly for plain-woven textile material. It is not projected to forecast the rain penetration resistance of fabrics because it does not gauge the penetration of water through the textile material.

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    • To start the test procedure, test specimen of 180 x 180 mm square is required.
    • The instrument is incorporated with a spray nozzle in converse face direction with 19 holes of diameter 0.7mm.
    • Water is sprayed on the material with the rate of 250ml in 25 to 30 seconds.
    • The test sample is placed on the instrument at an angle of 45 Degrees.



    AATCC 22-1996, ISO 4920:1981

    • The spray tester is suitable for gauging the water resistant efficiency applied to the cloth material, particularly to simple woven fabric’s surface.
    • Estimation is accomplished by judging the appearance of the wetted sample with the picture rating standard.

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