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Snap Button Pullout Tester- Analogue

Presto’s Snap Button pullout tester is used to evaluate the snap attachment strength. It is an important principle used especially in the designing and manufacturing units of garments. Snap Button Pull out Tester is a consistent tool to measure the holding or breaking strength between the snap/button and the garment sample. Snap Button Pull out Tester reveals the holding or breaking strength of snap attachments in terms of Kg. The Snap Button Pull out tester measures the force required to pull a snap attachment perpendicular to the garment.

Snap Button Pullout Tester is operated by placing a test specimen on a fabric clamp. Now the component, fixed on the specimen is pulled out with the help of top flywheel mounted on a stand with a specified force. The recording instrument will display the breaking strength of the component attached to a specimen.

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    • The machine is equipped with an analogue meter to measure the results.
    • The testing instrument is designed and manufactured as per ASTM standard D4846 88.
    • Capacity of the machine is 20 kilogram
    • Display: Analogue
    • Accuracy: ± 0.1% within entire range.
    • Least Count: 0.2 Kg
    • Dial Divisions: 150 Divisions
    • Stroke: 10mm

    • The machine is supplied with standardized weights along with calibration certificate.
    • The Laboratory equipment is best for easy and quick operations.
    • Dial Gauge to display results in Kg.
    • IMADA Japan imported precise Push Pull Gauge
    • Separate fixtures for Snaps, Jean Buttons, Four Hole Buttons, infant garments, amongst others
    • Highly accurate test results under push-pull force
    • Strong gripping clamps.
    • Self-calibration facility 5 Kg
    • Sample Adjusting Base Plate

2 Reviews of Snap Button Pullout Tester- Analogue

  1. Mitish Mehra
    22 Dec, 2015

    The product is simple amazing. Ergonomically designed and useful products to test the snap strength of the buttons. The instrument is easy to operate. Thanks to Presto for the amazing invention.

  2. Gaurav
    24 Dec, 2015

    Bought the mahcine and now It is very easy for me to ensure best strength of the buttons in my products. Nice operation and easy use.

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