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Snap Button Pullout Tester – Computerized

Snap button pull out tester is a popular machine used in textile and apparel industries. It is used for testing of snap strength of the snap buttons. The machine is capable of testing not only snap buttons but many other types that works on similar principle. The machine tests the strength required to snap out the button from the fabric. Buttons having loose strength are very dangerous to have specially in infants clothing.

The test procedure is applied to measure the uniform force applied to snap attachment which is hence documented by means of a force-measuring device also known as Presto’s Push/Pull Calibrated Scale. The computerised model is very popular among the industries as it does not require human intervention to take the test results. Computerised model allows easy data logging and data transferring. The machine comes with travel safety features. It is loaded with self-calibration feature and thus does not require manual assistance for this.

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  • The capacity of the machine is 50 kilogram force with the least count of 5 grams.
  • Two sets of grips are supplied with the machine with the minimum separation of 25mm and maximum separation of 500mm.
  • The machine is equipped with a Load Cell that provides accuracy of +/- 0.5%
  • The testing instrument requires stabilizing single phase power consumption, 220 – 240 VAC; 50 Hz.
  • Computerized Snap Pullout Tester is based on Windows based tensile software program which is specially designed to execute and store results.
  • Results can be viewed in digital indicator as well as in graphical format on computer system.
  • Related standards used to design the machine are ASTM & ISO.

    • The testing equipment requires less maintenance and optimum efficiency.
    • It has an auto detect load sensor based on advanced electronics.
    • It has built-in Auto stop facility which is operated through software.
    • Travel safely is 10% above the load cell capacity.
    • A Higher version of computer and printer is required by the machine.
    • Separate fixtures for Snaps, Jean Buttons, Four Hole Buttons, infant garments, amongst others
    • Strong gripping clamps.
    • Self-calibration facility 5 Kg

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