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Smoke Density/Visibility Tester

The laboratory test instrument determines the corrosion to visibility due to smoke, according to UIC code 564-2. The test equipment is prepared with solid state imported sensors to analyze the fall in visibility due to smoke. The machine comprises of completely digital display that ensures accurate and error-free readings along with internal calibration facility.

The machine comprises of wiring which is fabricated as per CE standards to ensure easy and safe maintenance.

The test procedure is projected to establish the erosion of visibility due to smoke produced when the specimen burns in a given sealed compartment by assessing the gradual loss of a light beam passing through the chamber.

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    • Inner size of the chamber (L x W x H): 750±5 mm x 750±5 mm x 1000±5 mm.
    • The machine also has a LUX meter that provides more than 100 LUX.
    • Pressure gauge of 2 Kg/cm² (2 bar) and Rotameter of 30 LPM or 60 LPM.

    Related Standard:

    UIC code 564-2 OR appendix15: The standard is to determine deterioration of visibility due to smoke released on the materials.


    • The Chamber of the machine is made from Galvanized Iron duly powder coated.
    • The apparatus consists of a Control panel separate from the timer.
    • The machine comprises of universal fixture and the fixture is made of Stainless Steel grade material.

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