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Single Yarn Twist tester

The yarn has enough tensile strength to endure the pressure of fabric preparation and manufacture. The key function of twist is to provide consistency to the yarn i.e. twirl providing potency to the yarn. The consistency arises many times from the twirls which  compress the fibers together as the stretching forces are applied and thus forms a friction between adjacent fibers. The laboratory equipment used for determination of twirls of a yarn is known as a Twist Tester.

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A specially designed Single Yarn Twist Tester by Presto is a highly beneficial instrument used to check the twists in a single yarn. The properties of a yarn and the strength of a yarn depends on the amount of twists provided to it. Thus, accurate determination of this factor is quite important to assess the superiority of any yarn. The amount of twist provided to a yarn is determined by twisting a recognized length of yarn and finding the figure of rotations of one of its ends to the other which helps to remove the twists completely.

    • The machine has five digit pre settable counter to record the number of twirls that can happen in a single yarn.
    • The machine is available with 2 dead weights of 10 grams and 20 grams.
    • All parts of the machine are plated with bright chrome to provide a rust resistant finish.


    Related Standards:- 

    ASTM D – 1422 and 1423, BS 2085, ISO 2061:2015, DIN 53832

    • Safe operation
    • Lifelong service
    • High accuracy and
    • Easy maintenance.

Reviews of Single Yarn Twist tester

  1. Rahul
    24 Dec, 2015

    The single yarn twist tester by Presto is an amazing instrument and gives you exact analysis of your products with great accuracy and very simple operation.

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