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Single Yarn Breaking Tester


Single Yarn Strength Tester by Presto Group is designed to calculate the breaking load and extension of single yarns and threads. It is used in dying textile industry. Our team of quality managers tests the entire range on various factors to ensure accuracy and high quality. The equipment is available in different capacities of 20kgf, 10kgf, and 5kgf.

Presto’s Single Yarn Breaking Tester is used to check elongation of yarn and its tensile strength in a single step. The value is determined in a manner by clamping the test specimen between two yarn holders, arranged one above the other for continuous tensile stresses until it ruptures. At the same time, elongation can also be determined, when the extension of the sample held between the clamps during the tensile test.

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    • It is a power-driven machine, duly installed with a microprocessor based digital load display.
    • The  machine is supplied with an over the travel protection facility.
    • The device is available in varying capacities of 5 kgf, 10 kgf, 20kgf.

    Related Standards

    ASTM D2256, BS 1932-13,

    • The machine is equipped with a user-friendly digital display which is quite easy to operate.
    • It assures high quality along with technical support.
    • The machine requires less maintenance and provides better efficiency.
    • The laboratory equipment is supplied  complete with a user guide, dust cover and conformance certificate.

Reviews of Single Yarn Breaking Tester

  1. Krishna
    24 Dec, 2015

    I have been looking for a solution to test the breaking strength of yarn in my company and my search ended with Presto’s Single yarn breaking tester. It is very efficient and accurate instruments with amazing test results.

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