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Dimensional constancy is the ability of the fabrics to maintain or to get back to its real geometric configuration. Shrinkage is the lengthwise and width wise contraction of textile material, usually after wetting or drying or to an exposure to estimated temperature.

Shrinkage Scale or Shrinkage Template is used to check the dimensional change after dry-cleaning and washing. The template is applied to both knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

Presto’s Shrinkage scale has a fine calibrated marking template used to mark fabrics with a 14 inch scale which is a standard meant for perfectly determining a change in Garments. After the fabric is processed the dimensional change can be gauged accurately with the help of a shrinkage rule. The calibrated scale, hence is used to check the shrinkage directly from 0% to 15% & stretch can also be measured up to 15%.

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Shrinkage means length wise or breadthwise reduction of textile materials, generally after drying, wetting and exposing the material to elevated temperature. The amazing scale has both vertical and horizontal slots for measurement. To test a sample, place this template on the textile material. Make sure that the sample is kept in the flat position before analyzing. The template is held tightly over the sample to easily mark on all the slots with the help of a marking pen which goes inside the slot. Now wash/dry cleaned the marked fabric as per the requirement of the test procedure. Now place the calibrated scale in each direction on the marks. The scale will directly indicate the percentage of shrinkage. Take at least 3 readings for reliable and accurate results.

  • The size of the template is:

    •  350mm x 350mm(35 cm x 35 cm)
    • 500mm x 500mm(50 cm x 50cm)

    Related Standards

    • ASTM D 2259 – 96, D 2102-02
    • ISO 3759, 6330
    • BS 4931
    • AATCC 135, 150, 179

    • The machine is equipped with scratch proof acrylic scale that keeps its calibration integral in common atmospheric condition.
    • The equipment is supplied with accessories like black & yellow marking pens where, black fabric marker is used to mark the light colored fabrics and yellow fabric marker is to mark the dark colored fabrics.

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