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Shore A Hardness Tester with Stand

Presto’s Shore Hardness testers are designed to beat human errors lies with the measurement of rubber hardness. The precise consistency provides error free results along with accuracy. The instrument strictly adheres to ASTM and other related standards.

Presto’s Shore Hardness Testers are designed to find out the indentation of various products ranging from soft to rigid rubbers. Each hardness tester is equipped with a specific scale that produces value from ambient to 100. The high value of the material indicates the hardness of the material. There are several scales used for different goods with different properties. The two most common scales having different measurement scale are provided by Presto:

Shore A Hardness Tester is an instrument with analogue readings, designed to gauge the penetration hardness of elastomers, rubbers and other rubber products like silicone, neoprene, etc. The instrument is used to measure felt, soft rubbers, leather, and similar goods.

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    • The testing instrument consists of a presser foot with precise machine plane surface.
    • The machine has indentured point made up of tough alloy steel as per the standards.
    • The equipment consists of an indicating scale or dial graduated from ambient to 100 divisions where lowest degree is zero and the highest degree of hardness is 100.
    • Least Count – 1HA.
    • Accuracy  +/- 1 Div.
    • The instrument is supplied with the check
      • Range: 0-100 H
      • Resolution: 0.1 H
      • Measurement deviation : ≤ ±1H

    • The machine offers accurate results.
    • It provides easy to operate functions.
      • Dial Gauge type Instrument
      • Display gives an exact reading with no guessing or errors.
      • Use operation stand of optional parts can get good accuracy and repetitiveness due to constant measurement force to eliminate the errors caused by artificially applied different force.

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  1. Ravi Kishan
    23 Dec, 2015

    Rubber hardness tester can be another name of shore hardness tester because it is the best tool to measure the rubber hardness. No one can make you fool about the quality of the rubber if you have this amazing tool.

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