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Ross Flexing Tester


Presto’s Ross Flexing tester is designed to check the resistance of vulcanized synthetic elastomers to check the flexing intensity. It is an important parameter to check the quality of a shoe sole is its capability to resist repeated bending practiced during walking, without developing a break within the expected life span of the shoe heel. Presto’s Ross Rubber Flexing machine strictly adheres to ASTM method D1052 and ISO 4643. Rubber products subjected to recurring meandering.  The products inclined to develop  cracks and strains at right angles and slowly become too fragile to use. Hence, it is important to estimate the strength of rubber goods against repeated bending.

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Presto’s Ross Rubber Flexing Machine is designed to examine its application and is appropriate mainly for footwear and soles. The machine supports to test six test samples at a time and an upgradation of 12 samples is also possible.

    • The machine is equipped with a flexing rod of diameter 3/8 that works with a speed of 100+/- 5rpm. The flexing is done with the instrument at an angle of 90 Degree.
    • To commence the test procedure test specimen of 0.05 (W) x 6 (L) x 0.25 (T) +/-1 inch is required.
    • The machine is incorporated with six specimen holders.
    • The machine has 6 digits digital counter.
    • The laboratory equipment can be operated on single phase, 220V – 240 V power supply.

    Related Standards:

    • ASTM D1052 – 09(2014): Standard Test Method for Measuring Rubber Deterioration—Cut Growth Using Ross Flexing Apparatus
    • ISO 4643: 2013: Molded plastics footwear — Lined or unlined poly (vinyl chloride) boots for general industrial use
    • IS 6664 – 1992 (R2004): Specification for Rubber Microcellular Sheets for Soles and Heels
    • IS 3400 (Part -17) – 1974: Methods of Test for Vulcanized Rubbers Part -17: Measurement of Cut Growth of Rubber by the use of Ross Flexing Machine
    • IS 10702 – 1985: Specification for Rubber Hawaii Chappals


    • The instrument can check up to 6 samples simultaneously and upgrade to 12 samples are possible at a time (as an optional at additional charges).
    • The machine is built on a rigid metal base plate painted in Blue and Autumn gray color along with bright chrome plating to provide it a corrosion resistant finish.
    • The laboratory equipment supplied with user guide and calibration certificate as per NABL approved labs.

2 Reviews of Ross Flexing Tester

  1. jeevan prakash
    24 Dec, 2015

    We are the manufactures of the footwear and this is the Fantastic tool to measure the resistance of vulcanized synthetic elastomers and check the flexing intensity. Ability of shoe sole to resist repeated bending and other conditions can be determined and alerts us to supply the high quality of shoes to our customers. I will recommend to all the shoe industries to at least try once, it is really helpful.

  2. Kapil
    27 Feb, 2016

    A standard and very crucial tool for checking the resistance of synthetic elastomers. I have no complain with this machine as it has fulfilled the requirement of my industry. Repeated bending affects accurately measured.

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